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The Banyuwangi Regional Government Initiated An Arab Food Festival

Banyuwangi Festival (B-Fest) will hold a Middle Eastern culinary festival and banyuwangi culinary specialties.



Banyuwangi Regent, Abdullah Azwar Anas opened Arabian street food

Arsianews, Banyuwangi – The Banyuwangi government will hold an Arabian Street Food culinary tourism festival and Banyuwangi culinary specialties. This festival is an annual agenda that was first held in 2012 in the initiative by Banyuwangi Regent Abdullah Azwar Anas in commemorating the anniversary of Banyuwangi district which falls on 18 December.

There is something interesting in this year’s festival, which combines typical Banyuwangi culinary along with typical Middle Eastern culinary on Saturday, 29 February 2020. What will be displayed at the festival this time is starting from Arabian street food, Chinatown street food, to the bengi snacks by Olehsari and market Samar Wulou Along with the development of the Arab culture era as if it had merged with the Indonesian people, typical Arab food is not a strange culinary on the tongue of the Indonesian people because it is often found like kebuli rice and kebabs in Arabic restaurants and roadside in big cities.

This year’s festival is a new agenda in the series of Banyuwangi Festival (B-Fest) events. This activity will be held at Arabian street food, Bangka street, Lateng village, Banyuwangi.

Visitors will feel the sensation of a vacation while enjoying a series of festival activities that present attractions and a variety of culinary delights such as kebuli rice, kebabs, dimsum, lontong cap go meh, soto salad, kupat lodoh, and many others.

Anas Regent said “this event is a media to promote culinary markets in Banyuwangi. With this hope, this market can further develop so that it becomes a stall to drive the people’s economy “.

Previously the Culinary market was spread in various places with different times, but this particular event all will be collected in one place, namely at the Arabian street food festival.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Culture and Tourism Office of Banyuwangi M.Y Bramuda explained, although the Culinary Market festival was centered at one location, but some of the people’s culinary markets also remained open at their respective locations. Such as Samar Wulou Market in Rogojampi and Bengali snacks at Olehsari Glagah.

On that occasion, the launch of the “Picnic Banyuwangi” tourism application will also be launched. The application can be a tourist guide to find the location of tourist destinations, Banyuwangi Festival schedule, and culinary variety offered in various culinary markets.

“This application can be downloaded at Play Store. Anyone can download it for free,” Bramuda explained.

This application also features a delivery order service, “Nja-jan”. So that tourists can directly order food through the application.

“For now we only sell food sold in thematic markets. Not food restaurants or cafes. Because our goal is to improve the economy of local villagers,” he concluded.

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