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Exercise To Stay Fit During Work From Home



Qatar residents can do simple fitness workouts and exercise while at home, as well as taking nutritious food and vitamin supplements, to help maintain mental and physical wellbeing amid the novel coronavirus disease (Covid-19) outbreak, International Walking Football Federation for Qatar and Asia president Farhan al-Sheikh al-Sayed has said.

Speaking to Gulf Times, he said walking or jogging on a treadmill (keeping the recommended 10,000 steps daily), or stationary biking can burn more calories, boost the body’s immune system, and create a positive impact on people’s health.

“I usually walk a lot and use my treadmill and indoor trampoline for my daily routine, which helps me feel good,” said al-Sayed, who is also the patron of Qatar Extreme Sports.

He stressed that the current situation is the best time to use fitness equipment and do physical activities with proper stretching at home.
Al-Sayed said the outbreak, which suspended mass gatherings and prompted many to remain indoors, also provides an opportunity for parents to keep their children out of electronic gadgets and instead entice them to do other engaging activities.

He suggested watching and applying fitness workouts and exercises by aerobics and gym instructors on social media (posted on Instagram and Facebook) on how to stay active and fit.

Apart from eating healthy meals and taking vitamins, including vitamin D (since many people have been advised to stay indoors), al-Sayed underlined the importance of having enough sleep, which helps the body to recuperate and boost athletic performance.

“Having an active and healthy routine discourages using gadgets all the time, it also gives yourself a chance to read and pray, and all the other aspects of daily life,” he said, citing the negative effects of using and spending more time on smart phones and tablets.

Al-Sayed said he finds interacting with each member of the family and dressing up well, wearing a thobe for example, as if going out somewhere, helpful and “can make us feel good.”
“The positive note of working from home is that it has brought a lot of families closer,” he stressed, adding that parents have more time to teach, discipline their children as well as inculcating positive values in them.

About precautionary measures for practices at home, he suggests that parents who report to work should practice proper hygiene such as shower and washing or sanitising their hands prior to touching or hugging their children or spouses.

Al-Sayed also urged residents to respect and abide by the laws of the country in its efforts to prevent the spread of Covid-19 such as practising social distancing at all times while outdoors including shopping at hypermarkets.

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