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Kemenparekraf Hand In Hand With CAKAP To Practice English In Tourism Online



Jakarta – The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy / Tourism and Creative Economy Agency (Kemenparekraf) is collaborating with a pioneering company in the field of digital application-based education, CAKAP, to train the English language skills of the tourism industry through online amid the COVID-19 pandemic.


Kemenparekraf / Baparekraf signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with PT. Cerdas Digital Nusantara (CAKAP) related to the cooperation in Jakarta on Monday, March 30, 2020.

Kemenparekraf represented by Plt. Deputy for Resources and Institutions, Dr. Frans Teguh, while PT. Cerdas Digital Nusantara was represented by the President Director, Tomy Yunus Tjen.

The MoU marked the start of cooperation between the two parties to organize an English language improvement program for tourism practitioners.

CAKAP is a startup that is engaged in technology education based on digital applications that focuses on improving the quality of human resources through an online foreign language training innovation.

Parekraf Minister / Head of Baparekraf Wishnutama Kusubandio conveyed that this collaboration reflected the determination and optimism to continue to improve capability and competitiveness amid the COVID-19 pandemic situation.

“This program has a strategic significance for all of us, especially because this learning was held in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak,” Minister Wishnutama said.

? In tourism, English ability is a key element to support services, especially for foreign tourists.

Kemenparekraf has the responsibility to encourage and develop human resources in the field of tourism.

“This kind of collaboration allows us to reach more participants so that the improvement of the language skills of tourism actors can be done more massively,” said Deputy Minister of Parekraf / Deputy Head of Baparekraf Angela Tanoesoedibjo.

For the initial stage, online English training will be provided to tour guides in 5 Super Priority Destinations (DSP).

Amid the declining tourist flow due to the COVID-19 outbreak, according to Plt. Deputy for Resources and Institutions Frans Teguh, this training is expected to improve the communication skills of tourism actors that will be useful when the outbreak begins to subside and tourism activities grow again.

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Agustini Rahayu

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