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Kemenparekraf Invites Culinary Business Actors to Develop Capacity at Food Startup Indonesia (FSI) 2020




Jakarta – The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy / Tourism and Creative Economy Agency (Kemenparekraf / Baparekraf) invites Indonesian culinary entrepreneurs to take part in the Food Startup Indonesia (FSI) event as a way to remain productive in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Held every year since 2016, FSI opens opportunities for culinary subsector businesses to find, maximize their potential, form ecosystems, and open access to facilities, government support, and access to sources of financing.

“In the midst of the current corona virus outbreak, Kemenparekraf / Baparekraf invites Indonesian culinary sub-sector entrepreneurs to remain productive by participating in FSI 2020 activities,” said Deputy Minister of Industry and Investment Kemenparekraf, Fadjar Hutomo in his statement in Jakarta, Sunday (19/19 / 4/2020).

Open Submission FSI 2020 Call-out will begin on April 20, 2020 through the filling of fact sheets on the website which lasts until 31 May 2020.

Furthermore, there will be curation of 1,000 creative economic actors based on the data and completeness of the fact sheets needed to obtain the Open Access Tools facility in the form of; Ultra Online Advance Module; and AIO POS & Accounting Appforum for culinary entrepreneurs.

In Open Access Tools, said Hafifah, FSI participants will receive guidance and direction from experts in the culinary subsector such as chefs, culinary practitioners, business development companies, and investors related to the business development of each participant’s business model.

Furthermore, FSI participants will send pitchdecks for curation and those who enter as finalists are entitled to participate in the FSI 2020 Demoday which is planned to be held in Yogyakarta on July 21-24, 2020. FSI Demoday is a mentoring and pitching activity for culinary business forum.


Demoday FSI 2020 participants have the opportunity to participate in direct mentoring, business coaching, access to capital, as well as marketing access.

“The implementation of FSI in previous years has shown significant results, so that this year the FSI 2020 will be held again to develop capacity and access to finance for culinary sub-sector businesses in Indonesia,” said Fadjar.


The FSI event was held for the first time in 2016 and this time it entered the 5th year of the event. In the holding of FSI 2019 last year, 719 applicants were participated in and 50 culinary startups who passed the selection and were entitled to take part in the FSI 2019 Demoday took place in Surabaya.

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