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Tourism Sector Will ‘Rebound’ in 2021 Although Gradually



Indonesian Tourism. (Photo: Kemenparekraf).

Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy (Menparekraf) Wishnutama Subandrio, said that in 2021 the tourism sector could rebound even though it was gradually staging after passing through the Corona Virus pandemic (Covid-19).

“So Mr. President is very concerned about the future of friends in tourism and also the creative economy. And the creative economy, many of which are currently hampered by work, such as film workers, dancers, is a lot that we also have to think about, “said the Menparekraf said there were 13 million tourism workers affected when answering reporters’ questions on Thursday (4/16).

Answering questions related to the Pre-Employment Card, Menparekraf said that from Kemenparekraf should be able to take advantage of opportunities that exist to help friends in tourism.

For the creative economy or related to art, according to the Menparekraf said that the President directed it to the Ministry of Social Affairs so that the cash assistance was more direct, but indeed the value of money remained the same, relating to it.

“And we are working with the Ministry of Social Affairs, Social Minister Mas Ari Batubara, we have also coordinated with his team to do this,” added the Menparekraf.

If it is estimated that for this year, the Menparekraf said that assuming June had recovered, using the assumption because it was not over and the losses could continue to increase or decrease, Menparekraf said that the potential for foreign exchange alone was more than half that of last year when it earned foreign exchange of around $ 20 billion from tourism.

“Maybe this year it can be around half or even more than half, losing foreign exchange than tourism, depending on when this stopping, tourism,” said the Menparekraf.

So it is estimated that this year, continued the Menparekraf, from last year getting 16 million tourists, this year may be estimated to reach around 5 million tourists.

“That we can calculate alone, if approximately each (USD) 1,200 ASPA or average spending per arrival, per visit,” Wishnutama explained.

Indeed, the tourism sector, according to the Menparekraf needs to rebound after this happened, after the Covid-19 pandemic, but it needs staging, it can’t directly snap upwards, but it needs staging because it has to return the aircraft’s connectivity again.

“For example there used to be 10 Garuda flights abroad, now there are only 2, now we have to return them. There are Emirates planes that used to have 10, this is an example, right? We must return them one by one, we can’t jump directly up, it needs a process, “he said.

He believes that only in 2021 will important tourism rebound through this well and believes it will undergo an extraordinary process during this pandemic, and believes the tourism sector and also the creative economy can actually be better than before.

“Because we learn a lot here, we learn a lot in facing this challenge. And I think this is a spirit that we need to ignite so that we remain optimistic about the growth of tourism and the creative economy, “he added.

The Menparekraf realized that his contribution was extraordinary in the tourism sector and the creative economy was also related, although some were not, and were very supportive of one another. If related to the DSP in particular, the Menparekraf said that it would continue, but indeed we must postpone the physical development there were several obstacles, only the planning continued.

“You can see an example in Lake Toba, for example, when June is finished, we immediately walk. Precisely at this time we are taking advantage of the opportunity to redesign, earlier the President’s direction, to redesign how better tourism in the future, while again like this, “he said.

For example, Menparekraf when speaking with basic standards is actually very necessary, for example if you see a traditional Indonesian market it is actually a good tourist attraction, if the toilet is clean, good, safety, and comfort is also clean.

“So actually, the uniqueness of Indonesia can actually be exploited more with what is actually. But infrastructure related to connectivity: airports / airports, roads, and so on must still be built. And that with the Ministry of PUPR and the Ministry of Transportation, we will continue to coordinate for post Covid-19 preparations later, “he explained.

Budget Reallocation Regarding the budget reallocation from Kemenparekraf, Wishnutama conveyed Rp. 500 billion just for the present, emergency response, which has many characteristics such as some have been carried out, preparing in this Jabodetabek hotels for example for medical personnel, transportation and so forth.

“But this is not a simple thing, I have already said. Why? Because the health SOPs from the Ministry of Health and from the WHO must still be met by these hotels. It is not only limited, “said the Menparekraf.

So, according to the Menparekraf, the hotel must be able to not meet these requirements, so it doesn’t become a new problem, for example the medical staff will get sick or the workers will get sick so this is also one of the priorities in Kemenparekraf.

“Then various kinds of activities, such as the plan, later we will do fabric mask movements for example. That also empowers SMEs, various kinds of SMEs. We are targeting that in the near future it will reach one million fabric masks, that’s also one of the things we do, “explained the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy.

Furthermore, Menpakraf also briefly conveyed encouraging ministries or regional governments to do the same, to help with the accommodation because the Kemenparekraf’s budget was limited and there were budget adjustments so they had to collaborate with others.

“Next, we will also prepare a ready-made side dish, this dry food, because it will last. For example, like shredded, jerky, instant noodles and so forth, “he explained.

This, according to Wishnu, is also one of the programs in the future to help tourism and also which still needs approval from the Minister of Finance for business resilience programs and direct assistance to ecraf (creative economy) actors.

“We can also target this from our own budget. And indeed as of now, the medical personnel we have helped are 1,354 from various referral hospitals, and several hotels in the vicinity or close to hospitals, “he continued.

Regarding economic incentive policies and the like, according to Perparekraf, it is still being discussed with the relevant ministries.

“The Minister of Finance said yesterday that he had briefly conveyed it, but later the details would be more beautiful if it had been approved. So, it’s not just a promise but indeed we can implement it well, “he added.

At the end of the explanation, the Menparekraf entrusts reporters to be encouraged by the country to be optimistic about the future.

“Because optimism and positive thoughts about the future will greatly help us to enable us to face or through the Covid-19 pandemic. Yes please friends, ask for help, “concluded the Menparekraf.

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