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Business Council Official Welcomes Reopening Of Industrial Area



The reopening of the Industrial Area is seen as a welcome development for the private sector, which is coping with the lull in business operations since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, an official of the Qatar-Indonesia Business Council (QIBC) said.

“The gradual opening of the markets is inevitable; many countries that have been affected severely by the health crisis are now taking steps to commence business operations in different sectors. There’s no other way to do it,” QIBC president Farhan al-Sayed told Gulf Times Friday.

In March, the government announced a two-week closure of some roads along the old Industrial Area from the north side of Street No 1 to the south side of Street No 32 and from the east side of the Industrial Area main road to the west side of the water tank road.

An extension of the closure was then announced in April by the Supreme Committee for Crisis Management to “preserve the security and safety of the residents of the closed portion of the Industrial Area and the security and safety of the society.”

Despite the extended closure, the government ensured “the continued flow of food and medical supplies, along with continued medical examinations and the provision of free medical services to all who are diagnosed and found infected and referring them to health facilities.”

On April 22, after being closed for more than 30 days, the government commenced the gradual reopening of the Industrial Area from streets No 1 and No 2, and Al Wakalat Street.

On the opening of the Industrial Area until Street 32, al-Sayed lauded the government’s decision, saying that the decision not only sees the resumption of business operations there but the move also follows precautionary guidelines from the Ministry of Public Health to continue protecting the society during the pandemic.

“Qatar has been observing what is happening and what measures are being implemented by its neighbours and countries in Europe. I presume things are going to move forward. An example of this is that Qatar Airways announced plans to operate 52 destinations by the end of the month, and 80 by June of this year,” al-Sayed pointed out.

Notwithstanding the impact of Covid-19 on the private sector in the country, officials from Qatar Chamber gave its assurance that together with the government, it will continue to help drive economic activity.

Earlier, the chamber announced that it immediately initiated a series of programmes through the conduct of regular meetings among its committees and sub-committees, as well as with different government institutions since Qatar responded to the Covid-19 issue.

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