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Indonesian Orphans Express Delight At Receiving Eid Clothes From Qatar Charity



A Qatar Charity official giving Eid Al Fitr gifts to a child in Indonesia.

Doha – Qatar Charity (QC) has distributed Eid clothing to orphans in Indonesia, benefiting 160 children in Jakarta, Depok, and West Java. The beneficiaries thanked the benefactors in Qatar for their generous giving, support, and assistance.

“I would like to extend my heartfelt to donors and Qatar Charity for providing me with the precious gift that delighted me in these difficult circumstances, under which we are living due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic,” said Ahmed Elias Hafiz from the Jakarta suburb, who received an Eid clothing.

“I am very grateful to donors and Qatar Charity for giving me this special attention by providing me with an Eid clothing,” said Nadia Yulianti, adding that, “I thought I would not wear new clothes this Eid, because my mother became jobless due to the coronavirus outbreak.”

Shifa Botari, a beneficiary of Eid clothing, said that the salary of her mother, who works as a maid, is only enough to meet the daily needs of the family, adding that the prices of daily necessities became very high in the last two months, bringing further difficulties to the family. “Now, I am very happy that we will wear new clothes on this Eid,” Botari expressed her delight thanking donors in Qatar.

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