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Indonesia and the Middle East Start to Implement New Normal to restore the Slumped Economy



New Normal Illustration – Indonesia has begun to implement New Normal gradually by paying attention to health protocols.

People are required to familiarize themselves with the new normal life of Indonesia or the new normal conditions that will be applied in Indonesia. people must be accustomed to implementing health protocols.
The health protocol is to diligently wash hands, keep a distance, wear a mask when leaving the house, and avoid crowds.

The Implementation Phase of New Indonesia Normal
Indonesia will start implementing the new normal scenario which is divided into several phases. Will the factories start operating again? How about the mall? Following the new normal phases in Indonesia, as quoted by HR Online from the Cash page.

Phase 1 (June 1)
The first phase, industry and services can operate. But still applying health protocols. While the mall in this phase has not been allowed to operate again. Only mask shop and medical equipment seller are allowed to operate.

Phase 2 (June 8)
The second phase, new malls, shops and markets can resume operations, with the condition that the health protocol is implemented.

Phase 3 (June 15)
In the third phase of new normal Indonesia, malls are operating as usual with the health protocol. But there are considerations to reopen the salon, spa, and others. Stay on the condition that health protocols must be implemented. Likewise with schools starting to reopen, but implementing a shift system.

Phase 4 (July 6)
Phase 4 will take effect on July 6, economic activities have reopened, in addition there are evaluations to reopen restaurants, cafes, entertainment venues and others. Opening is done in stages and still enforce strict health protocols.

Phase 5 (July 20-27)
In this phase an evaluation of phase 4. An evaluation is also carried out for the opening of places and economic activities. Likewise with large-scale social activities. So the end of Julia knows the beginning of August, the target is that all economic activities have been reopened.

Application of New Normal in the Mall
The Covid-19 pandemic has hit the Indonesian economy. No exception Indonesian retail entrepreneurs. Many malls are closed. Although in some areas there are still malls that are open, shoppers visiting the mall have decreased dramatically because of the Covid-19 outbreak.
Meanwhile there are no new Indonesian normal rules for reopening the malls. Even so, the health protocol refers to the provisions that had been running during the Covid-19 pandemic.

For example by using masks and checking body temperature. Likewise the physical distancing rules in all business locations will continue to be applied.
Furthermore, the Middle Eastern countries that started new normal application first were the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a country in the region that first entered new normal, which chose to make peace with corona by opening quarantine at the end of April.
Residents welcomed the release from quarantine with joy. They convoyed and packed a number of malls, especially in Dubai. This step was taken in order to provide a breather for the economic impasse faced by a country which has been enjoying abundant fortune from the tourism, investment and energy sectors.

Quarantine, which has been in effect for weeks since the outbreak of corona in the region, has caused local governments to take quarantine steps that have led to economic collapse, leading to considerable state expenditure in providing financial incentives to the private sector. If left unchecked this will cause a serious economic crisis.

Therefore, the UAE became the first country in the Middle East to adopt a new normal policy by opening quarantine and implementing loose policies, especially in the economic sector.
In Qatar the government began to impose new normal on 6/15/2020 by allowing several mosques to reopen, in addition to the mosque also allowing some shops in the mall to be opened by meeting certain conditions.

Egypt began to open its tourism sector by limiting the number of tourists entering the area
In Jordan, new normals began to re-open places of worship and schools.

This possibility will encourage other countries to participate in the implementation of new normal by reopening public facilities and offices to operate in the hope that it can restore the economy that was devastated by the co-19 pandemic.

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