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Indonesian Ambassador In Amman Receives New Task As Director General Of Protocol & Consular Affairs Of The Ministry Of Foreign Affairs / Head Of State Protocol (KPN)



Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi inaugurated the Indonesian Ambassador to Jordan and Palestine, Andy Rachmianto

On Friday (6/19), at the Nusantara Room, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with due regard to health protocols, Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi inaugurated the Indonesian Ambassador to Jordan and Palestine, Andy Rachmianto, as Director General of Protocol and Consular (Protkons). Inauguration was also carried out on other Echelon I and II officials within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Ambassador Andy, who is currently still serving in Amman, will be responsible for the areas of protocol, consular affairs, protection of Indonesian citizens and diplomatic facilities. In accordance with Government Regulation No.39 of 2018, in addition to being the Director General of Protkons, ex officio, Ambassador Andy also served as the Head of the State Protocol (KPN).

In his capacity as a KPN, Ambassador Andy will be responsible for organizing the protocol of state and official events, including arranging state visits / work visits of the President and Vice President abroad as well as arranging protocols for visiting state guests to Indonesia.

Previously Ambassador Andy had served as Director of International Security and Disarmament, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He has also served in the Indonesian Embassy in New Delhi and PTRI New York, including managing several visits by the President and Vice President during the assignment.

“This new position is a mandate and responsibility as a service to the nation and state,” Ambassador Andy said. Therefore, Ambassador Andy expressed his gratitude for the confidence of the leadership of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to carry out this new task.

In the midst of the post-Covid-19 world situation, the role of the Directorate General of Protkons as the only service unit in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has become increasingly important and crucial, particularly in serving and protecting overseas citizens affected by Covid-19.

Ambassador Andy also promised to continue the good performance of his predecessor and will take corrective measures to achieve better performance.

In the new pandemic and normal times through social restrictions and distance, the use of information platforms and technology has become a necessity. “In the future, there is a need for a 4.0 protocol protection service based on electronics and digital,” said Ambassador Andy

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