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Collaborates With Friends Of Indonesia, Indonesia Promotes Post-Pandemic Tourism COVID-19



Toronto, Canada – Bali is one of the main destinations of Canadians when visiting Indonesia. Around 90% of Canadian tourists visiting Indonesia will visit Bali and others to Bintan Island. This is the reason the Consulate General in Toronto took the Friends of Indonesia on the “Afternoon Talk” to continue promoting Indonesia (07/25/2020). One of the Friends of Indonesia is Bastiaan Opdenkelder who is a journalist and editor of the magazine and newspaper “Dr. Krant” which actively promotes Indonesia in Canada, especially the Dutch-descendant community of around 1 million in Canada.

Bastiaan, who has lived in Canada for decades, invites Canadians including Dutch descent communities in Canada to visit Bali. According to him, the culture and people who always smile make many people fall in love with Bali. In addition to the beach, there are many interesting places that can be visited, such as a village known specifically for its art, there is a special village of batik, a village specifically for wood sculptors and others. In addition, music, art and dance to traditional Balinese foods are unique. Bali is the right destination for family holidays, young people and those who are elderly.

“With the uniqueness of culture, society and tourist attractions in Bali, I am sure there will be many foreign tourists visiting Bali,” said Indonesian Consul General in Toronto, Leonard F. Hutabarat. He also mentioned the need for a PCR test for tourists who will visit Bali. Tourists are asked to keep up-to-date on the news of Covid’s developments, because the rules regarding Covid can change at any time depending on the development of existing conditions.

According to one Canadian survey institute, around 90% of Canadians plan their holidays abroad early next year. With high per capita income of around US $ 46,195, Canada is a “high-end” tourist market for Indonesia.

Source: Indonesian Consulate General in Toronto

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