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Indonesian Consul General In Jeddah And The President Director Of PT. Otsuka Pharmaceutical Indonesia Discusses Beverage Product Export Plan



Jeddah – Indonesian Consul General in Jeddah, Eko Hartono, met with the President Director of PT. Otsuka Pharmaceutical Indonesia (OPI), Yoshihiro Bando and Tim. at the Indonesian Consulate General in Jeddah discussed the company’s plan to export Pocari Sweat beverage products to Saudi Arabia. (01/22/2020)

During the meeting, the Indonesian Consul General was accompanied by the Economic and Trade Team of the Indonesian Consulate General in Jeddah, Ahmad Baihaqie, Rivai Abbas, and Azman Ridha.

The presence of the Otsuka Pharmaceutical Company Team in Saudi Arabia to explore the potential market for its flagship product, Pocari Sweat, and hopes that the Indonesian Consulate Team can help find the right and potential partners so that the product can immediately enter the Saudi Arabian Market and be accepted by the local community.

In addition to exploring a number of potential potential partners, the PT team. OPI together with the Indonesian Consulate General in Jeddah also conducted a market survey at a number of shopping centers.

During the meeting, the Indonesian Consul General advised that the presence of Pocari Sweat products would later be able to build a positive image or perception and awareness about the benefits of this drink among the people of Saudi Arabia.

The Indonesian Consul General also hopes that PT. OPI immediately registered the name of the product with the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Trade and Investment so that competitors did not copy it.

In addition, the Consul General suggested that this product can also be introduced to the Indonesian community in Saudi Arabia, pilgrims and umroh, public places such as schools and hospitals.

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