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Indonesian Ministry Of Transportation Provides Report On Ship Fuel Consumption Online



The Ministry of Transportation c.q Directorate General of Sea Transportation launched an online ship fuel consumption reporting application (10/7). This web-based application is a way for the Directorate General of Hubla to facilitate the reporting of ship fuel consumption quickly and easily.

“By knowing the total fuel consumption of ships throughout the world, we can calculate the amount of exhaust emissions produced by ships every year,” said Director General of Sea Transportation R. Agus H. Purnomo.

Data on fuel consumption, emissions production and ship efficiency will assist IMO in making appropriate policies and strategies specifically on the issue of climate change.

As a reminder, IMO MARPOL ANNEX VI Regulation 22A on Collecting and Reporting of Fuel Ship Oil Consumption, effective from March 1, 2018. This amendment requires all ships of 5000GT and above to record and report data on consumption of all types of fuel used by the ship. .

The flag state can make a collection and reporting system according to its jurisdiction. The method follows SEEMP. By country flag, aggregate data is submitted to the IMO Ship Fuel Oil Consumption Database. Types and formats follow the IMO MARPOL ANNEX VI Appendix IX, which can be read here.

The online fuel consumption reporting application provided by the Ministry of Transportation intends to facilitate ship owner / operators in reporting fuel consumption data. DG Hubla is also facilitated in monitoring and reporting to IMO.

An explanation of the Indonesian Flag Ship Fuel Consumption Data Collection System can be accessed here

“Through this DCS application, reporting on the fuel consumption of Indonesian-flagged vessels can be done online. This application can be accessed easily and quickly from anywhere, “said Capt. Sudiono, Director of Shipping and Maritime Affairs.

Fuel Monitoring Technology

The development of measurement technology, sensors and the internet has enabled ship fuel consumption data to be reported automatically and in real time.

According to Agiel Baabud, a robotics technologist who developed BCTRACK, monitoring fuel consumption and operating parameters of a ship engine can now be done remotely and in real time. In fact, it is now possible to control a ship’s engine remotely.

“When the ship is moving or the engine is running, fuel consumption data is immediately recorded, stored and sent automatically, to the Ministry of Transportation and IMO. It can be arranged daily, weekly or monthly reports, “explained Agiel.

According to Agiel, technology will actually simplify and ease human work and be able to provide more accurate and high consistency reports. That is why at this time the rapid development of technology, only solely to avoid human error and the most important goal – transparency.

In the Editor’s note, the BCTRACK developed by Agiel and his friends has been used by nearly 200 Indonesian-flagged vessels, both in the shipping sector and upstream oil and gas operations. [AS]

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