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Supporting The Increase Of National Exports, Indonesian Consulate General In Jeddah Holds Export Training To Saudi Arabia



Jeddah : In an effort to encourage the value of Indonesian exports to Saudi Arabia amid a pandemic situation, on July 22, 2020, the Indonesian Consulate General in Jeddah, ITPC Jeddah, together with the Indonesian Center for Export Education and Training (BBPPEI) Ministry of Trade held a training on export entrepreneurs done online. The event, which was opened by the Indonesian Consul General in Jeddah, was attended by more than 300 participants from Saudi Arabia and Indonesia, inviting three resource persons, namely the Head of the Ministry of Trade’s BBPPEI, and two entrepreneurs in Indonesia and Saudi Arabia, Mr Nursyamsu, and Mr Abdul Halim.

In his remarks, Indonesian Consul General Jeddah Eko Hartono emphasized that the training was aimed at providing technical insight and igniting the interest of the Indonesian people to explore the world of exports, particularly to Saudi Arabia. “This activity is also expected to provide three important things for entrepreneurs, namely market preferences in Saudi Arabia, export regulations, and tips and tricks to explore the Saudi Arabian market,” Eko Hartono explained. According to the Head of ITPC Jeddah, this activity is the second time after it was previously held in March 2019 last year. “This short training is expected to be able to provide motivation for the diaspora and SMEs in the country to have the enthusiasm and courage to export,” said Rivai Abbas

Ms. Noviani Vrisvitanti as Head of the PPEI Center for the Ministry of Trade emphasized that the Government of Indonesia has provided various facilities, facilities and assistance for entrepreneurs who want to export. The Balai Besar which he leads also regularly provides intensive training for MSME entrepreneurs to become more familiar with the world of exports and imports.

To break the myth that exports are complicated and difficult, the BBEI PPEI Facilitator, Minister Nursyamsu began his presentation by convincing participants that exports are easy. For prospective exporters, what is needed is a quality product, and an understanding of market demand. According to him, export techniques can be submitted to service companies that will take care of all permits, completeness of documents, up to the shipment of goods to the destination country.

Abdul Halim, Regional Key Account Manager for Sami Al-Khatiri Trading shared technical information regarding changes in import regulations in Saudi Arabia that needed to be a concern for potential exporters, particularly in the food sector. “For prospective food exporters, it is expected to pay attention to the Saudi Food and Drug Authority’s requests regarding registration completeness such as the inclusion of expiration dates, three-dimensional photographs of products, as well as the translation of ingredients into Arabic.” Still according to him, producers in Indonesia are expected not to ship goods before they get SFDA approval which usually takes two weeks, because the SFDA data is connected directly to the customs agencies of Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia is one of the potential trade markets for Indonesian food products. Indonesia ranks 16th as a major exporter to Saudi Arabia, which is dominated by vehicle goods, palm oil, and tuna. Some brands of processed food and beverage products from Indonesia that have penetrated the Saudi market include Sasa, ABC, and Sosro.

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