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Facilitating Access To Services For Indonesian Citizens, The Indonesian Consulate In Dubai Holds A Consular Warung At Ras Al Khaimah



Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates – In a new era of normality, Indonesian representatives abroad provide services for Indonesian citizens by complying with established health protocols. In addition, the Indonesian Representative also carries out activities to make it easier for Indonesian citizens to access services, for example the Indonesian Consulate in Dubai. The Indonesian Consulate General in Dubai held an outreach consular service at the Hilton Hotel for Indonesian citizens in Ras Al Khaimah (24/07/2020).

The activity of the Consular Stalls during the new normal period was carried out, considering that there were needs and requests for Indonesian citizens / PMIs who live and work in Ras Al Khaimah but are constrained by time and distance to process their documents to Dubai. In the framework of providing services as well as document protection for Indonesian citizens, it will be carried out by organizing Consular Warung service activities.

Activities are carried out while still paying attention to health procedures related to the prevention of Covid-19. The KJRI Dubai officer checks the body temperature of the applicants who come, and also urges them to wear masks and gloves and use the hand sanitizers that have been provided, and carry out social distancing. Consular services provided by the Indonesian Consulate General in Dubai include passport processing, self-report, document legalization and others.

Services like this make it easy for Indonesian citizens who live quite far from the location of the Indonesian Representative, so that the need to have complete and valid consular documents can be obtained by Indonesian citizens even in the midst of this pandemic.

Source : KJRI Dubai

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