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The 37th Investor Gathering Of Bizcom Indonesia

Strategy and Opportunity during Pandemic (in Investment, Business, Technology and Economy)



Jakarta – The epidemic of Covid 19 pandemic has turned the wheels of the economy around, especially in business owners and startup founders. From the business side, the pandemic caused business activities to cease and the entrepreneur’s ability to survive was low.

That situation is the background for Bizcom Indonesia to hold the 37th Investor Gathering with the theme ‘Strategy and Opportunity during Pandemic (in Investment, Business, Technology and Economy)” at JW Marriot Hotel, Mega Kuningan Friday (12/31/2020).

The opening ceremony at The 37th Investor Gathering of Bizcom Indonesia was led by Deputy Speaker of the Indonesian Parliament, M. Azis Syamsudin. He highly appreciated the activities of Bizcom Indonesia, which invited various investors, business owners and startup founders to find joint solutions to the current pandemic situation, which will have a positive impact on the growth of the economic sector in Indonesia.

Bizcom Indonesia’s Investor Gathering also invited speakers and moderators who were experts in their fields, namely Pierre Marchel (Founder of Right Solution), Pang Xue Kai (CEO of Tokocrypto), FX Iwan (CEO of Jagartha) and moderated by Mr. Bandono Budiman (Vice President from Kadin Indonesia).

Each speaker provided a solution related to improving the economy and income of entrepreneurs through creativity and technology adaptation. Through the existing data and systems in the company, entrepreneurs need to participate in making changes and adaptations to look for opportunities and new strategies to minimize losses.

In terms of investment too, currently in Indonesia there has been an increase in investment, which is a new hope for the Indonesian economy. During this pandemic, there are still opportunities that can become new perspectives for business owners and statistup founders to stay afloat.

To be able to sustain business, every business owner must be able to see opportunities and have new strategies in finding innovations that will make the economy move faster.

This activity was closed by celebrating the third anniversary of Bizcom Indonesia and the birth of a new Bizcom Indonesia program, the Escalation Program as a continuation of the previous program.

In this investor gathering, Bizcom Indonesia also made a donation to the Azka Foundation Orphanage, Kelapa Gading since July 31 coincides with Iduladha.

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