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The 38th Investor Gathering Bizcom Indonesia Outlook 2020 And How To Invest In New Industry


on, Jakarta – Bizcom Indonesia actively organizes Investor Gathering every month, as an active form of contributing to Indonesia’s economic growth, especially during this pandemic. After discussing strategies and opportunities during the pandemic last month, Bizcom Indonesia discussed investment in new industries with references and directions from the 2020 Industrial Outlook. The 38th Investor Gathering Meeting was held at JW Marriot Hotel, Mega Kuningan on Thursday, 27 August 2020 with the theme “Industrial Outlook 2020 and How to Invest in New Industry”. Due to the pandemic atmosphere, this Investor Gathering was conducted under a strict new normal health protocol with a limitation of 15 guests of honor with physical distancing. Speakers at the 38th Investor Gathering also invited several speakers who are experts in their fields to discuss issues from an economic and business perspective, then provide related solutions in the midst of a pandemic. Speakers who attended included Mrs. Septriana Tangkary as Director of Economy and Maritime Affairs of KOMINFO, Mr. Aldian Taloputra as Economist from Standard Chartered, and Thomas Joseph as CEO of Future Mediatrix Group.

The keynote speaker who attended was Mrs. Septriana Tangkary, as Director of Economy and Maritime Affairs of KOMINFO. He provides information about what the government has done, related to economic policies in the economic era. Currently, the government is focusing on carrying out economic recovery with a budget of up to 607 trillion Rupiah. Then, there are several government policies in the economic sector that also help MSMEs through the National Proud Movement Made in Indonesia. Thus, increasing people’s purchasing power will have an impact on the recovery of MSMEs in Indonesia amid the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, the government has also started digitizing MSMEs through the Go Online UMKM activity program, due to the high potential for technology during the pandemic. The government’s real contribution to the development of MSMEs is through cooperation with LKPP by launching applications that make it easier for MSMEs to access the procurement of goods and services to the government. 20% of the APBN is allocated to support MSMEs which are expected to help the selling power of MSMEs to the public.

Then, followed by the second speaker, Mr. Aldian Taloputra, as Senior Economist from Standard Chartered Bank who provided Economic Outlook data after the current pandemic. This pandemic period presents an economic risk that is felt in every country. For Indonesia, although it had dropped at the beginning of the locking down period, it has shown recovery after the opening of shopping centers, shops and offices. For now, with the use of fiscal and budget from the government, it is one way that can be done to improve the economy. One of the things that we are waiting for is the discovery of a vaccine for COVID-19, which is a process of significant changes to the country’s economic conditions.
The final speaker provided an entrepreneurial perspective, he was Thomas Joseph as CEO of Future Mediatrix Group. He has expertise, especially in the field of digital marketing, who really understands how brands communicate with target markets to achieve certain goals. He gave the perspective that social media and websites are digital assets that need to be considered at this time. It is proven that businesses that can survive this pandemic are efforts that perpetuate technology and digitization. Thomas Joseph also wants to increase the digital sector in Indonesia, which he feels has great potential, seen from a fairly broad demographic. Not only through digital marketing, FMG has begun to look into sports such as e-sports and speaking football. Investing in the digital sector is one thing that should be considered, given the pandemic conditions. Even though everything is limited, the digital sector is able to maintain business and show consistent improvement.

The Investor Gathering held by Bizcom Indonesia hopes to become a mutually sustainable ecosystem between business owners, investors and other parties. It is not only a space for discussion, but the value of “mutual cooperation” will appear and work hand in hand, helping each other to improve Indonesia’s economic conditions amid the current pandemic situation. Bizcom Indonesia also invited speakers from various sectors and fields. Hopefully, they can share and find solutions. Not only an ordinary meeting, Bizcom Indonesia is present as a form of contribution to Indonesia’s economic growth through active discussion forums and fundraising activities.

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