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The Impact of Worsening Saudi-Turkish Relations, The Opportunities for Exporting Indonesian Products to Saudi Arabia Are More Open



Arsianews – The Economy and Trade Team (Ekodag) of the Indonesian Consulate General in Jeddah fulfilled the invitation to visit the International Basketball company.

Led by the Executive Function of Economics 1, Dr. Windratmo, along with the Executive for Economic Functions 2 and 3, Akhmad Baihaqie and Edwien Satya, the Ekodag Team met with the company’s General Manager, Bakr Abdulwahab Bargawi and the Project Manager, Kamal Muhammad Al-Samhan.

International Basket complained that one of the impacts of deteriorating Saudi relations with Turkey was the limited trading activities of the two countries.

Many Saudi traders and importers are looking for alternative trading partners.

Abdulwahab Bargawi expressed his company’s desire to expand its business with partners in Indonesia.

One of the main businesses of International Basket is as an importer of charcoal, which will also be re-marketed to other countries in the Middle East.

The Ekodag Team encourages International Basket to not only import charcoal from Indonesia, but also other products that have been imported from Turkey.

This situation is an opportunity to increase the volume of exports of Indonesian products to Saudi.

Products such as Indonesian food, drinks, clothing and fruits have been widely circulating in the Saudi market, so that the Saudis are familiar with Indonesian products.

After explaining the large variety of products that can be imported from Indonesia, Muhammad Al-Samhan said that he would be happy to invite his fellow importers to look for opportunities to Indonesia.

The Indonesian Embassy in Riyadh earlier this month explained that Indonesian products that have entered Saudi Arabia and are in demand, include passenger vehicles (Toyota), palm oil and tuna fish.

Other products have a great opportunity, considering that the Saudi Arabian market is quite potential with high demand.

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