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Indonesia-Egypt Trade Cooperation Is Able To Move The Economy



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Entrepreneur Sandiaga Uno is optimistic that trade and investment between Indonesia and Egypt can be further increased so that it can help drive the economy and create jobs during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The potential for friendship between the two countries has started from the era of President Gamal Abdel Nasser and President Soekarno. However, from the total amount of trade and investment in Egypt, Indonesia has not been able to penetrate the position as a major trading partner and vice versa,” Sandi said in a written statement in Jakarta, Sunday. (22/11).

Sandi conveyed this belief after meeting the Egyptian Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry, Ahmed Maghawry Diab, in Cairo, Saturday (21/11).

The former deputy governor of DKI Jakarta said that, when viewed from a growing economy with a very large market, Egypt also invited Indonesia to increase its trade.

“The agreement is to triple the amount of trade, the amount of Indonesian exports to Egypt in the concept of a win win solution which is expected to increase investment and create the widest possible job opportunities,” Sandi added.

Furthermore, the former vice presidential candidate in the 2019 presidential election revealed that there are three main sectors that should be the focus for recovering and reviving the post-pandemic economy.

Labor-intensive sectors, which create employment opportunities, such as the palm oil industry and its derivatives. MSMEs are mainly related to the creative economy, film, and also tourism. The third is about the development of industrial estate both in Indonesia which is currently developing in Batang, Central Java and the estate industry.

“With this concept we can call it B to B, port to port, UKM to UKM, and people to people,” Sandi said.

In his conversation with the Egyptian Ministry of Trade and Industry, Sandi also mentioned that the meeting was not only ceremonial but directly discussed detailed matters that could quickly and efficiently accelerate the creation of post-epidemic revival and recovery activities.

“With the increase in investment, it is hoped that it can accelerate economic recovery and open up as large a field of work as possible,” Sandi said.

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