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Bizcom Indonesia Asked to Invest in a Business Reality Show



Participants of Bizcom Indonesia's 41st Investor gathering

It is hoped that Bizcom Indonesia will also look to invest in TV shows by producing a business reality show. This program is expected to inspire young people to build their own businesses.

“It’s a good event. I think it would be very good way to help Indonesia entrepreneur and tech ecosystm as well. I hope that in the future, Bizcom Indonesia can produce TV shows such as the Shark Tank America business reality television series, “said Wafa Taftazani, Co-Founder & President Commissioner at People’s Capital at The 41th Investor Gathering Bizcom Indonesia Fundraising Activity, quoted in a press statement.

The 41st Bizcom Indonesia Investor Gathering carries the theme of Fundraising Activity “HealthTech, Cloud Kitchen, Wellness, HR Consulting, E-Commerce, Valuable Dessert and EduTech”. The event was held at the 1945 Fairmont Hotel Jakarta behind closed doors by applying health protocols.

The fundraising activity was attended by three honorable investor panelists, namely Ardi Setiadharma CFO Prasetia Dwidharma, Wafa Taftazani Co-Founder & President Commissioner at People’s Capital, and Dian Ratih Estu Mumpuni Executive Analyst, Partnership and Portfolio Bizcom Indonesia.

As an honorable investor, panelists consist of categories in the HealthTech field represented by Dr, Nikolai CEO DataEnzim, Cloud Kitchen category by Anthony CEO Waku, Wellness Category by Lok Iman CEO Mugos Media, HR Consulting category by William, and David founder of Execrute, E-Commerce category by Evlin and Vishnu, the founder of Autopospay, the Valuable Dessert category by Leo Ceo Endorphins, and the EduTech category by Ferdinand CEO Interskill.

“Keep up the good work, I have been working with Bizcom Indonesia for a long time and we have even successfully invested in it. Glad to be involved in activities like this and see the good quality of the investee, ”said Ardi Setiadharma CFO Prasetia Dwidharma. According to Dian Ratih EM who serves as Executive Analyst, Partnership and Portfolio Manager, Bizcom Indonesia has the capacity to represent thousands of investors and business owners in the Bizcom Indonesia ecosystem. “Very Good, this event.

No need to worry anymore about starting a business and investing even during a pandemic, through this fundraising activity, Bizcom Indonesia becomes a reference for business owners in expanding their businesses as well as investors to be able to invest in the right and attractive business “.

“Great startup, strong Indonesia” said Sendra Wong, CEO of Bizcom Indonesia.

Bizcom Indonesia has been actively implementing Fundraising Activities and Investment since March 2017 with a focus on the agriculture, logistics, FMCG, edutech, fintech, health tech industries. Bizcom Indonesia has a vision to be a reference, access and encourage entrepreneurship. Every year, Bizcom Indonesia prepares its wings with several other potential industrial focuses and in accordance with the Bizcom Indonesia ecosystem to be synergized.

Coordinating, curating, and mapping in investment, technology, finance and B2B Collaboration. Bizcom Indonesia’s strength lies in its high net worth and high individual profile so that Bizcom Indonesia continues to be the right, trusted, and updated reference.

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