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Indonesian Firms Keen To Expand In Qatar, Says Business Council Exec



Business delegations from Indonesia are keen to visit Qatar to further explore investment opportunities and incentives being offered by the State, especially once authorities have eased travel and quarantine restrictions, an official of the Qatar-Indonesia Business Council (QIBC) said.

QIBC president Farhan al-Sayed made the statement following a meeting with Raja Sapta Oktohari, the vice-president of Kadin Indonesia (Indonesian Chamber of Commerce & Industry), organised recently by Indonesian ambassador Ridwan Hassan.

The meeting focused on ways to attract more Qatari investments to Indonesia and vice versa, as well as how to assist Indonesian entrepreneurs expand their companies’ footprint in Qatar, said al-Sayed.

“A lot of Indonesian business delegations are lined up, and they are waiting for quarantine restrictions to open up, so that they could visit Qatar soon for meetings and networking sessions with their Qatari counterparts.

“They are eager to forge business ventures and alliances with companies in Qatar across a wide range of sectors. This would also play an important role in strengthening the economic ties of both countries, thus increasing the value of bilateral trade, which amounts to over $1bn,” al-Sayed told Gulf Times.

Al-Sayed pointed out that despite the challenges imposed by Covid-19 on the global business community, the pandemic had helped stimulate many investment opportunities for both countries to explore and develop.

Oktohari said, “This is the right time to capitalise on the business and investment opportunities that have been presented before Qatar and Indonesia, such as deals and partnerships for Qatari companies willing to expand their businesses in the Far East.”

Oktohari, who is also president of the Indonesian Cycling Federation, vice president of the Asian Cycling Confederation, and president of National Olympic Committee of Indonesia, added that many Indonesian companies specialising in the sport industry are looking to participate in major projects related to the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

During a recently-held webinar, Indonesia-Qatar Business Council president Hendra Hartono Turman said: “As preparations are ongoing for the hosting of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, Indonesia ensures its support for Qatar in order to make this prestigious event a success.
“At this stage of the pandemic, Indonesia also supports Qatar in its food security efforts, as well as in other sectors like health, particularly in the medical devices industry, which are potential areas that could help boost trade relations between both countries, among others.”

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