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Startup Founders Are Asked To Be Mentally Strong And Not Idealistic



Panelists of the 42nd Bizcom Indonesia Investor Gathering

JAKARTA, – Many investors are looking for startup companies. However, startup business founders are asked to have a strong mentality and not be idealistic about the business they are building.

“The fruit of thought for entrepreneurs in Indonesia is OMG, which stands for Original, Quality, and Global, which means that founders must have original ideas, with quality and good systems, and think globally,” added Sendra Wong, CEO of Bizcom Indonesia in Investors. The 42nd gathering with the theme of Fundraising Activity ‘HealthTech, Animation, HR Consulting and Urban Farming’ which was held by Bizcom Indonesia recently.

This fundraising activity was attended by three honorable investor panelists, namely PT FAST Solusi Indonesia founder and senior partner Juhono Sudirgo, CMO PT Harapan Bangsa Kita Ansari Kadir, and Bizcom Indonesia Executive Analyst, Partnership and Portfolio Dian Ratih Estu Mumpuni.

“It takes a strong character and mentality from a start-up founder, mentally resilient to receive admonitions and input so that it is not too idealistic. Open for collaboration, ”said PT Harapan Bangsa Kita CMO Ansari Kadir.

Fundraising this time is the first form of collaboration between Bizcom Indonesia and PT Harapan Bangsa Kita, which has the same vision to build and help MSMEs and startups in Indonesia. As an honorable investee panelist, it consists of the HealthTech field category represented by Dr, Nikolai CEO DataEnzim, the Animation category by Julian Nugroho founder of Nizmonia Animation, the Animation Category Randy founder Akiong, the HR Consulting category by William and David the founder of Execrute.

The initial material presented by Juhono Sudirgo from PT FAST Solusi Indonesia with the theme How To Grow Your Business With investors discusses the perspective of investors so that they can become provisions for startup founders and business owners.

Bizcom Indonesia has been actively implementing Fundraising Activities and Investment since March 2017 with a focus on the agriculture, logistics, FMCG, edutech, fintech, health tech industries. Bizcom Indonesia has a vision to be a reference, access, and encourage entrepreneurship.

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