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Bizcom Indonesia Is Expected To Be An Incubator For Start Ups



JAKARTA – Bizcom Indonesia is expected not only to open access to investors, but also to become an incubator for start-ups.

“Hopefully on its fourth anniversary, Bizcom Indonesia will not only become a coordinator, curator, and access for startups but also become an accelerator or incubator for startups in Indonesia,” said Alvian Andrean Partner of KLS Capital at the 43rd Investor Gathering event as well as the anniversary. The 4th Bizcom Indonesia with the theme Fundraising Activity “FnB, Fintech, and Importer & Distributor”, as quoted from a press release received by Investor Daily, Friday (2/4/2021).

The fundraising activity was attended by three honorable investor panelists, namely Cakra Yudi Putra from the Presidential Special Staff Team, Alvian Andrean Partner of KLS Capital, and Dian Ratih Estu Mumpuni Executive Analyst, Partnership and Portfolio Manager of Bizcom Indonesia.

The event was opened by Sendra Wong, CEO of Bizcom Indonesia. Followed by cutting the tumpeng as a symbol of the celebration of the 4th anniversary of Bizcom Indonesia. The delivery of the first tumpeng pieces was given to the CEO of Tokocypto, Pang Xue Kai as a sign of respect, cooperation and a very good relationship.

“This event is very motivating for MSMEs / Startups to be able to get funding to develop their business in the future,” said Cakra Yudi Putra.

Cakra also added a message to Bizcom Indonesia on its 4th anniversary “Hopefully Bizcom Indonesia will continue to be a forum that accommodates MSME and startup friends to develop their business through funding and networking in the ecosystem needed for their business”

Dian Ratih Estu Mumpuni, who serves as Executive Analyst, Partnership and Portfolio Manager for Bizcom Indonesia, has the capacity to represent thousands of investors and business owners in the Bizcom Indonesia ecosystem. This event was very insightful. One of the issues raised was the original fruit beverage business trend.

“Because in the future, the business trend of real fruit drinks and without preservatives will be big. This is also good input for business owners in the field of FnB, so not only focus on buying and selling, but the health side must also be considered, “said Dian.

Bizcom Indonesia has been actively implementing Fundraising Activities and Investment since March 2017 with a focus on the agriculture, logistics, FMCG, edutech, fintech, health tech industries. Bizcom Indonesia has a vision to be a reference, access, and encourage entrepreneurship.

Every year, Bizcom Indonesia expands its wings with several other industry focuses that have the potential and are in line with the Bizcom Indonesia ecosystem to create productive and quality synergies and collaborations. Coordinating, curating, and mapping in investment, technology, finance, and B2B Collaboration. Bizcom Indonesia’s strength lies in its high net worth and high individual profile so that Bizcom Indonesia continues to be the right, trusted and updated reference.

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