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Saudi Arabian Coffee Entrepreneurs Admire the Taste of Indonesian Coffee



On Friday (2/4), the Indonesian Embassy in Riyadh successfully held a Coffee Cupping “Roast of Indonesia.”

Supported by the Association of Indonesian Coffee Exporters (AEKI), 6 types of Indonesia’s best coffee beans were exhibited, such as Arabica Argopuro, Arabica Ijen, Arabica Bajawa Flores, Arabica Gayo, Robusta Ulubalu, and Robusta Temanggung.

The coffee shop and Roastery entrepreneurs carefully assess the taste and aroma of coffee by sniffing and sipping coffee according to the serving order of a professional Indonesian Barista.

Mr. Almahroon, CEO of Artisthub Company, emphasized that Indonesian coffee has great potential to be marketed.

This includes Arabica Argopuro, which tastes like coffee fans in Saudi Arabia.

Believing in the quality of Indonesian coffee, Artisthub has even ordered coffee beans directly from farmers in Flores.

Artisthub is one of the leading Roastery in Saudi Arabia, it is one of the suppliers of coffee to coffee shops in Saudi Arabia.

The guests responded positively to this event. For this reason, the Indonesian Embassy in Riyadh will regularly carry out similar activities in other cities in Saudi Arabia.

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