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Saudi Arabian Entrepreneurs Interested in Indonesian Wafer Products



Wafers are a food product that has a large market share in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia imports a lot of these products from Turkey, European and Asian countries including Indonesia. Some of the Indonesian wafer products that have been entered include the Tango, Nabati, and other brands.
Seeing this opportunity, the Indonesian Consulate General for Economic and Trade Promotion Team in Jeddah continues to strive to increase the entry of other Indonesian wafer products. To make this happen, the team took several steps between meeting with Saudi Arabian businessmen who have strong interests. One of the entrepreneurs he met was Tarik Al Nahdi.
During the meeting, the Indonesian Consulate General’s Prometer Team in Jeddah represented by the Head of the Indonesia Trade Promotion Center (ITPC), Muhammad Rivai Abbas presented various opportunities for the entry of new Indonesian products that could enter the Saudi Arabian market, including wafers with other brands.

Responding to this, Tarik expressed his interest in being part of Indonesian business partners to distribute wafer and cosmetic products. In addition, he also said that in the near future he will also inaugurate his new Indonesian restaurant which is located in the Salamah district of Jeddah city. In the future, his party plans to expand its business by expanding the catering target for hotels and Indonesian Umrah pilgrims.
At the end of the meeting, Rivai expressed his appreciation for Tarik Al Nahdi’s efforts to increase the number of Indonesian restaurants in Saudi Arabia, especially in the city of Jeddah and fully supported the plan.

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