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Bizcom Indonesia Encourages Fintech and Healthtech Industry to Grow



JAKARTA, – Bizcom Indonesia held the 46th investor gathering themed Fundraising Activity “Fintech and Healthtech” to encourage the growth of the fintech and healthtech industry in Indonesia. The event was held behind closed doors by implementing health protocols as well as celebrating the grand opening of Kopi Perempuan Tani.

“Thank you Bizcom Indonesia for connecting me and Ms. Dian Novita Susanto as the founder of Kopi Perempuan Tani to collaborate on a very good project to build the Indonesian economy,” explained Riva Lauritz, shareholder of Kopi Perempuan Tani in a press statement received Saturday (10/7/2021). ).

The 46th Investor Gathering of Bizcom Indonesia was attended by two honorable investor panelists, namely Aristo Purboadji as Indogen Venture Partner and Dian Ratih Estu Mumpuni as executive analyst, partnership and portfolio manager of Bizcom Indonesia.

The event started with a pitch from Nico as the CMO of Dream Credit representing the fintech industry. Then continued by Tevan Andreas as Maudok project manager who represents the healthtech industry.

“I see Bizcom Indonesia as very positive, visionary, and energetic. It is hoped that in the process there will be value creation to build Indonesia as well,” said Aristo Purboadji Indogen Venture Partner.

Dian Ratih Estu Mumpuni, executive analyst, partnership, and portfolio manager of Bizcom Indonesia added, “We are lucky that the 46th Bizcom Indonesia Investor Gathering was attended by Aristo Purboadji by sharing the role of start-ups in nation building, continuing to learn, and upgrading yourself by having a positive perspective. perspective and way of thinking like an investor. During this pandemic, there are many opportunities and opportunities for entrepreneurship and there is the possibility of leading in the industry that is being undertaken,” explained Dian.

“No matter the background, we uphold independence in entrepreneurship,” said Sendra Wong, CEO of Bizcom Indonesia.

Bizcom Indonesia has been actively carrying out fundraising activities, B2B collaboration, strategic synergy and investor gatherings since March 2017. The activities are focused on the agriculture, logistics, FMCG, edutech, fintech, health tech industries. Bizcom Indonesia has a vision to become a reference, access, and encourage entrepreneurship.

Every year Bizcom Indonesia expands its wings with several other industrial focuses, which have the potential and are in accordance with the Bizcom Indonesia ecosystem so that productive and quality synergies and collaborations occur. Coordinating, curating, and mapping in investment, technology, financial, and B2B Collaboration. Bizcom Indonesia’s strength lies in the high net worth and high profile of the individual so that Bizcom Indonesia continues to be the right, reliable, and always updated reference.

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