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Bizcom Indonesia Held the 47th Investor Gathering



Bizcom Indonesia held the 47th Investor Gathering with the theme Fundraising Activity “Edutech, Wellness Consumer Goods and FnB” together with LPER (Institute for People’s Economic Empowerment) and supported by Bank Indonesia. This event was held at the Women Tani Coffee Cafe in a closed manner by implementing health protocols.

This fundraising activity was attended by three honorable investor panelists, namely Bryan Tilaar as President Director of PT Martina Berto, Tbk – Martha Tilaar Group, Chief Communication Officer-Director of Communications of Martha Tilaar Group, Frederik Rasali as Associate Partner of Prepare Labs and Dian Ratih Estu Mumpuni as Senior Executive Analyst, Partnership and Portfolio Manager Bizcom Indonesia.

The event started with remarks from Fransisca Sestri as Secretary General of LPER (Institution for People’s Economic Empowerment) followed by a video from Bank Indonesia regarding the digital payment system in the form of Quick Response Code Indonesian Standard (QRIS).

In her speech, Fransisca Sestri as Secretary General of LPER said that fundraising is very much needed by non-profit organizations or MSMEs with the goal of community welfare.

“Fundraising methods can be done by any institution or through door to door, charity, office relations, the public, to banking, as LPER has done with Bizcom Indonesia involving sponsors including: OJK, Kominfo, BRI, BNI, Bank Indonesia ( BI) with the aim of resurrecting MSMEs that fell during the pandemic,” said Fransisca Sestri.

Furthermore, sharing from Bryan Tilaar as President Director of PT Martina Berto, Tbk. about the important basis for a company to survive and be sustainable and to survive from time to time and the history of the Martha Tilaar Group.

Bryan Tilaar added, “I am happy to be a panelist, providing input and thoughts of course with other panelists.

“I hope that SME players or start-ups will get bigger and more advanced in the near future to help the Indonesian economy,” he said.

Followed by sharing by Frederik Rasali as Associate Partner of Prepare Labs with the theme “Startups In the Eye Of Capital Market” where the presentation is an overview of startups from the Capital Market side and this can be a provision for startup founders as an illustration of what their business will be like in the future.

“value is relative, a business owner must be able to define the value they offered to their customers,” said Frederik Rasali, Associate Partner of Prepare Labs.

“Based on market analysis, in the future angel investors will be interested in companies that provide products/services that are personal or custom needs,” said Dian Ratih, Senior Executive Analyst, Partnership and Portfolio Manager of Bizcom Indonesia.

“First of all, I congratulate Dian Ratih on her promotion to Senior Executive Analyst, Partnership and Portfolio Manager of Bizcom Indonesia and also Congratulations to Annisya Chintya on her promotion to Executive Business and Investment Development of Bizcom Indonesia. Never Stop Growing!” said Sendra Wong, CEO of Bizcom Indonesia

Sendra Wong also added that the investment potential will be more optimal if there is collaboration between local investors and foreign investors/outside Indonesia.

Bizcom Indonesia has been actively conducting Investor Gathering in the form of Fundraising Activity since March 2017 with a focus on the Agriculture, Logistics, FMCG, Edutech, Fintech, Health Tech industries. Bizcom Indonesia has a vision to be a reference, access and encourage entrepreneurship.

Every year Bizcom Indonesia expands its wings with several other industrial focuses that have the potential and are in accordance with the Bizcom Indonesia ecosystem so that productive and quality synergies and collaborations occur.

Strategy to get sustainable agreement through coordination, curation and mapping in investment, technology, financial and business. The strength of the Bizcom Indonesia builder ecosystem is in the High Net Worth and High Profile Individual so that Bizcom Indonesia continues to be the right, trusted and always updated reference.

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