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Bizcom Indonesia Brings Startups Closer To Large-Scale Industries



JAKARTA,– Bizcom Indonesia held the 49th Investor Gathering themed Fundraising Activity Beauty Industry, Edutech, Platform Services and E-Commerce. This event aims to bring large-scale industries closer to start-ups who are the engines of innovation to build Industry 4.0.

The fundraising activity was attended by three honorable investor panelists, namely Agung Wicaksono as managing director of PT Jababeka Infratruktur, Wafa Taftazani as Co-founder & chairman of VCGamers, founder and CEO of UpBanx and Dian Ratih Estu Mumpuni as senior executive analyst, partnership and portfolio manager of Bizcom Indonesia.

The gathering began with remarks from Agung Wicaksono as managing director of PT Jababeka Infratruktur creating a startup ecosystem in the Jababeka Industrial Estate by developing Fablab Jababeka as an Integrated Creative Hub.

“Bizcom Indonesia is very good at organizing investor gatherings that form Indonesia’s start-up ecosystem. We are from Jababeka as an industrial area whose vision is to form Silicon Valley. Jababeka was greatly helped by this gathering. Bringing large-scale industries closer to start-ups who are the engines of innovation to build Industry 4.0,” said Agung Wicaksono.

Wafa Taftazani as Co-founder & chairman of VCGamers, founder and CEO of UpBanx added, “The gathering is quite interesting, it can be a reflection of how bullish the Indonesian economy is in the midst of a pandemic like this,” said Wafa.

“Pitching strategies that might be input to complement startup founders. First, how to turn problems into potential, opportunities and opportunities. Second, perfect your pitching with insightful insights accompanied by accurate data and reliable sources. Third, make sure your pitching is accompanied by business calculations, investments, and having economies of scale. Fourth, clearly state what benefits investors will get if they invest in your company and why they are the right investors,” said Dian Ratih as Bizcom senior executive analyst, partnership and portfolio manager. Indonesia.

This time the Investor Gathering was also attended by the Bizcom Indonesia ecosystem, which has successfully merged and changed its name from STEMC2 to Anekademia.

“We are growing rapidly. From being launched in September 2021 as a marketplace for science and technology demonstration needs, then developing virtual classrooms and learning management systems. After in-depth research and observing more closely the development of educational technology internationally, we have finally succeeded in creating technology superapps. education to be introduced to the Indonesian people. We have also merged with a group of companies with more than 30 years of experience in the field of tutoring from Jogja to complement the products that were already running,” said Bayu Yudianala, Co-Founder and COO of Anekademia.

“Congratulations on the smooth process of the STEMC2 merger resulting in Anekademia and congratulations to Ruhee Beauty for getting a very positive impression from the Honorable Investor Panelist,” said Sendra Wong as CEO of Bizcom Indonesia.

Bizcom Indonesia has been actively conducting investor gatherings in the form of fundraising activities since March 2017 with a focus on the agriculture, logistics, FMCG, edutech, fintech, health tech industries. Bizcom Indonesia has a vision to become a reference, access, and encourage entrepreneurship. Every year Bizcom Indonesia expands its wings with several other industrial focuses that have the potential and are in accordance with the Bizcom Indonesia ecosystem so that productive and quality synergies and collaborations occur.

Strategies to get sustainable agreements through interaction, coordination, curation, and mapping in the scope of investment, technology, financial, and business. The strength of the Bizcom Indonesia builder ecosystem is in the high net worth and high profile of the individual so that Bizcom Indonesia continues to be the right, trusted, and always updated reference.

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